THE MIND MAKEOVER® is a series of motivational interactive workshops that fuse music, art, and dance to deliver a powerful self-esteem message to girls. The are specifically tailored for groups of tween (grades 7-8), teen (grades 9-12), or college-aged girls.


Learning to Love Yourself
Dealing With Emotions
Speaking Confidently
Communicating to the World Who You Are

It's often easy for girls and young women to find their flaws but identifying and celebrating strengths can be a struggle. The 'Foundation' segment of the workshop is designed to help participants discover their uniqueness and begin the journey of accepting who they are.

Girls/young women go through transitions that can be difficult to handle.The 'Blush' session helps provide participants with skills to identify their emotions and helps them learn positive ways to channel what they are feeling as a growing teen.

A key to success is communication and social skills. Even the most outgoing girl/young woman may miss the mark when it comes to letting others know what they are good at. The 'Lipgloss' segment provides participants with the tools to speak up and say what they can offer the world.

The importance of individuality often takes a back seat during teen years when fitting in and peer pressure rule. 'Styling', the final segment of the workshop, takes participants through exercises to help them understand the importance of being true to themselves in all areas of life.

THE MIND MAKEOVER® comes in four different formats depending on what fits best with an organization's needs. We offer:

  • THE MIND MAKEOVER®, an interactive workshop for small groups (10-30 girls). This workshop is one hour in length and includes hands on activities about the main tenets of the workshop.
  • THE MIND MAKEOVER® Retreat is an in-depth session for small groups (10-30 girls). This workshop is three-four hours in length and provides a lot of interaction and Q & A time.
  • THE MIND MAKEOVER® Maintenance Package is a series which includes 4 one-hour sessions that can be facilitated per week or per month. Each interactive workshop is for small groups (10-30 girls) and includes hands on activities about each tenet of the workshop.
  • THE MIND MAKEOVER® Mother-Daughter Session is focused on giving moms and daughters the tools to help strengthen their relationship. Mothers will be encouraged to use the tools learned during the workshop to bring out the best in their daughters.