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Previous Clients

"Your message said to those young people, who were listening to you so intently, that they can be successful in life too. They must make up in their minds that they want better than what they have. Thank you for sharing your skillful talent and your wisdom with a group of teens who really needed an encouraging word."
-Vivian Taylor
North Manhattan Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc.
Youth Day

"THE MIND MAKEOVER allowed our most vulnerable students to take center stage and shine. Dr. Wallace allowed students to express themselves and share their thoughts and feelings through art and words. Many of the girls were initially nervous about presenting during THE MIND MAKEOVER workshop, but because of the nonthreatening environment Dr. Wallace created, the girls surprised themselves and enjoyed the process. They now have a confidence to assert themselves in the classroom and beyond. Thank you, Dr. Wallace, for offering this priceless workshop."
-Amy Dawson
NYC Teacher

"After speaking with some of the participants in THE MIND MAKEOVER workshop, I became convinced that this project was not only worth doing: but, also needed to be done again and I look forward to having it on our schedule soon."
-Rick Dalgetty
Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families

What do participants have to say about THE MIND MAKEOVER® workshops?
  • "I love everything, I love the workshop." Kaylene, 12 years old
  • "I loved the part where I got to be on the spot because it let everyone know a little about really helped me." Asia, 20 years old
  • "I liked when we got to create a sort of collage with what we like about ourselves." Caitlin, 11 years
  • "Enjoyed the modeling and the part on presenting yourself." Shauntea, 18 years old
  • "The part that I liked was explaning my nickname." Chanel, 17 years
  • "I liked how we shared our thoughts. I wouldn’t change anything" Dhaynne, 12 years